Behind the Music: Sleuths Seek Messages  In Lyrical Backspin
Reverse-Play Audio Software Uncovers Smoke, Satan; A Led Zeppelin Enigma

January 9, 2006; Page A1

Excerpt From The Article:, one of the most popular, allows visitors to feed in audio files, then play them backward. Eric Borgos, the site's 36-year-old creator, said he wanted to find a way to bring the former fad to the Internet, and to make it easier for listeners to uncover messages on their own. His site, which he says gets about 2,000 hits a day, offers no interpretations of reversed lyrics. Instead, it invites users to share their own.

Mr. Borgos's site contains links to others where snippets of speeches by well-known people are played in reverse, sometimes slowed down considerably. One of the sites claims California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial acceptance speech, when reversed and slowed, sounds like: "Soon, I'll beat the law."

The governor's spokeswoman, Margita Thompson, responded by email: "Sgurd gnisu eb yam yeht ekil sdnuos ti esuaceb wal eht kcab taeb ot evah yam siht did ohw elpoep eht, noos." Her backward translation: "Soon, the people who did this may have to beat back the law because it sounds like they may be using drugs."
Mr. Borgos thinks most alleged messages are just coincidence. "Mathematically, if you listen long enough, eventually you'll find a pattern," he says.

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