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Featured Sites:

AdoptMe.com – Adopt virtual pets.
BoredHumans.com – Fun, silly, and amazing AI pages you can use for free online.
BuildFreeSites.com – Create free websites with free hosting.
AISiteofTheDay.com – A list of cool AI sites.
BigSites.com – Links to the most fun, silly, and coolest sites on the Web.
Caveofmagic.com – An amazing online card trick.
Confessions.net – Read confessions made by other people.
CrapMachine.com – Create a piece of virtual crap and email it to a friend or enemy.
Crazyfads.com – Fads from the past 100 years: hula hoops, disco, pet rocks, goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, mood rings, Rubik’s Cubes, 3D movies, and more.
CrazyThoughts.com – A large list of funny and strange questions.
CreateBurps.com – Create virtual burps and send them to friends.
CreateFarts.com – Create farts online and send them to your friends and family.
CreateRaps.com – Create a rap song online using your microphone and our free hip-hop beats.
Cybercones.com – Send somebody a virtual ice cream cone.
Cyberfireworks.com – Create your own virtual fireworks show.
Fartnames.com – Funny names for different types of farts.
FeelMotivated.com – Inspirational stories to get you motivated.
Women’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Women’s public restroom.
Pet Peeves – A huge list of things that annoy people.
GetNicknames.com – Get a nickname for yourself.
GreatFacts.com – A giant list of interesting facts.
GrossNames.com – Movie names that sound like you are taking a poop.
Idiomsite.com – Find out the origins of common phrases and sayings.
Men’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Men’s public restroom.
MCEricB.com – Free hip-hop and pop songs, such as the Christmas classic Pimp My Sleigh.
Mysticalball.com – Find out what your future will be.
Poopnames.com – Funny names for different types of poop.
StuffonmyCat.com – Funny photos of cats with stuff on them.
StuffonmyMutt.com – Funny photos of dogs with stuff on them.
WaterTowers.com – Thousands of photos and videos of water towers.
PlayTicTacToe.com – Play tic tac toe online against the computer.
ParableSite.com – Read parables and other life lessons.
Precrastinators.com – Are you a precrastinator?
EasierTaxes.com – Advice and reviews for filing your taxes online.
BuildFreeStores.com – Build a free e-commerce site with free hosting.
BuildFreeFunnels.com – Build a free sales funnel for your business.
NutriBuys.com – Lose weight on a custom keto diet
GetMansions.com – Make money working from home.
SleepingKids.com – Learn how to get your baby to sleep
UntrainedPets.com – Train your dog.