Metaverses, NFTs, and AI

By | March 15, 2022

I spent most of the past 5 years working on AI projects, but they were mainly for me to learn from, not to make money. During that time I had no income, other than selling a few domains every year, so 2022 needs to be different. Here’s what I am working on to change this situation:

  • I created a new version of my 20-year-old virtual pet site, which now offers free NFTs and you can virtually adopt real pets from real animal shelters. It also has 3D land and buildings, which is the first step in turning the whole site into a metaverse (similar to Roblox and Minecraft, but no download needed).
  • In 2020 I created, which is full of fun AI things you can do for free online, and it now makes around $300/month from banner ads. It took over a year though before it started getting any significant traffic (currently 3,000 visitors a day). This year, I will try to expand the site. I recently added free domain name appraisals and what I think are the world’s first AI-generated farts.
  • In 2021 I bought the domain and tried a bunch of different business models for it (see my previous blog posting). Then more recently I re-launched it as a yacht charter (rental) site. But it still only gets 30 visitors a day, so now I might turn it into a metaverse site, as at least that will be something different than the competition.
  • – Domain auctions in the metaverse. I will be selling my own domains in the first auction, but if that goes well, I could do it for other domain owners for a fee.
  • I am launching with a partner (he is doing the work, I just contributed the domain).
  • I am working with a partner on, which is a metaverse site focused on helping users make money. I am handling the metaverse/blockchain part of it.
  • I am working with a partner on, where I am providing the AI sports predictions (via my site at and he does the rest.
  • – Providing metaverse-based sales tools for travel companies, for a monthly fee.
  • I am creating an AutoML (AI) product at
  • – Karaoke and concerts in the metaverse.
  • I am working on with a partner. She provided the domain name and content, I am handling everything else (website, NFTs, artwork, and metaverse experience).
  • – Automated auctions of digital assets (NFTs) in the metaverse. A new item will be auctioned every hour. I am building 15 of my own NFT sites to have content to put into these auctions, as the profit margins are almost 100% on this when I provide the inventory.
  • – Buy virtual land and become a metaverse real estate developer.

In the coming months I will let you know how well each of these ventures does.

5 thoughts on “Metaverses, NFTs, and AI

  1. chris

    You are spreading yourself too thin. I get the logic “if I try 10 different things all I need is one to hit” but what I’ve found is putting your full effort into one project will have a higher success rate then attempting multiple projects at the same time. It can be hard to decide on that one thing and you always risk putting all your time and effort into it and if it doesn’t work out you are now a year in the hole, but IMO it is still a higher success rate to focus on one.

    I would reach out to the companies that sell yachts online and see if you can sell the domain. Take those $s and buy a one word domain that naturally can be actioned online. If I want a charter I’d rather go to would be great to sell them on, but they are so expensive it is not a natural action to buy a yacht online.

    1. admin

      The funny thing, that is the exact reason I bought, was so I could focus on one big project. And I did that for many months but as you said, it is hard to do anything but sell yachts on that domain, and that is hard for me to do. In terms of selling the domain to a yacht company, I don’t think it is about selling yachts online, it would be great branding for a yacht brokerage to own it, or a yacht building company.

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  3. Fatih

    Seriously fart? 🙂

    As far as i knew you i would not expect to see you working on such a silly so called “project”.

    But life is yours of course.


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