– Sold

A year ago I bought the domain for $350,000 even though I know nothing about boats and had no specific plan for the site. I posted the crazy story to Reddit and got over 200 comments on it. Many people thought it was one of the stupidest business decisions ever, but a few people… Read More »

Free Domain Name Appraisals

There are already several automated sites that will estimate the value of a domain name, but this week I created what I think is the first one powered by AI: Domain Appraiser While I love, which is the industry leader, some of the other sites often give really bad valuations, so my goal… Read More »

And Just Like That…

Over the summer I wrote how I fell in love with the domain name, even though I knew nothing about boats. I spent months building a site, setting up a boat brokerage business, getting in the luxury boat charter business, offering to buy boats for cash, offering boat insurance, offering peer-to-peer yacht rentals, and more.… Read More » – Update #1

In my posting from 3 months ago, I told the story of how I purchased the domain even though I know nothing about boats and had no specific plan for what to do with it. Here’s an update: Overall, I have been making significant progress with, but haven’t found a good way to… Read More »

Why I Bought

“Not all who wander are lost.” I have wandered the internet for the past 5 years, learning new things, trying various money-making ventures, and exploring. All great journeys must come to an end sometime though. I needed a purpose. I needed an income. I needed to be able to explain to people what I actually… Read More »

The Story of

It started with an idea I had to promote Maybe I could build free websites for people in exchange for them mentioning on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). A potential problem, though, would be that for the past few months, I have been paying somebody $4/hr to promote on social media,… Read More »