Domain Flipping

By | August 14, 2009

I rarely buy domain names anymore, but recently I bought for $6901 at a auction. I bought it because I thought it was cheap and would do well in Google if I built a mini-site on it (Game Theory is the mathematical study of the strategies used to win games, as featured in the movie A Beautiful Mind about John Nash). A few days after I bought it, Sedo contacted me and said they had a buyer who read about the sale and would pay me $10,000 for the domain ($9500 after the Sedo commission), so I sold it. I did not buy it with the intent to flip it, but it was too hard to turn down a quick profit like that.

8 thoughts on “Domain Flipping

  1. Dan

    Wow great sale there. How many domains do you have unused right now?

    1. admin

      I have around 9000 parked domains. I also sell 3-4 domains a month.

  2. admin

    Yes, around 9000 of my domains are parked. I have tried putting content on them, but parking has always worked better. That does not mean you can’t make more by having real content, I just have not figured out a good way to do it yet. I will keep trying though. I have most of my domains parked at and

  3. Tony Gambino

    I own about 500 domains and am looking at a new parking service…other than Sedo.

    Would you recommend Google parking?

    I’ve heard mixed things about them and wondered what you thought?

    1. admin

      Yes, Google parking is good, although I don’t think it is better than all the other parking programs. TrafficValet also offers parking using Google results and I have been happy with them. uses a feed from Yahoo and I have many of my domains with them.

      What I have found is that different domains do well at different parking providers, so it is best to switch around and test various domains with various providers.

  4. dpark

    Domain parking is the most useless profession in modern western history. You get my respect for making money off of legitimate business, that much is true. I just can’t imagine that you have any other useful skills to add to society.

    Again, nothing to bitch about, you paved your own way and made a lot of money off of a needy society. It’s just upsetting to see a person make decent money off of such a useless middleman market that serves as a detriment to the rest of the buyers.


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