New Website Projects – September 2010

By | September 6, 2010

In one of my previous postings, I gave away 11 new business ideas that I had thought of, because there is little chance I will ever get them launched myself. In this posting, I am going to list some of the Internet projects that I actually am working on:

  • A site where you upload your photo, and it searches the web for people who look like you. It will also show which celebrities you look like.
  • – A site for fighting Internet fraud. Report scammers and get help from our fraud experts. The current site is a rough version, but works. Soon I will make it look nice and add lots of information about various scams. I also plan to offer a security seal for site owners to put on their sites, maybe called “ Purchase Protection”, where I guarantee their customers a refund for whatever they buy, if the site turns out to be a fraud or goes out of business.
  • – Until recently I just had this domain name parked, but because of that it received no search engine traffic, so I recently changed it to have hundreds of movies (mostly old ones) you can watch for free, with no download or registration needed. I also have movie reviews and film trailers (previews), but the movie reviews do not get added automatically, I have to pay people to write them. So soon I will be setting up a system that automatically adds film reviews from Twitter (lots of people tweet what they think after they see a movie), so anybody tweets a movie review, my program will detect it and will automatically re-post it to my site.
  • A site that that uses voice matching technology to find other people on the web that sound like you.
  • Up until last week, over 95% of my domain names were parked, meaning they just had search engine type links on them and no real content. The problem with that is that parked domains get no traffic at all from the search engines, which greatly limits their potential income. Last week I switched 2600 of my domains to a new system I built that puts custom written content on each domain, so for example a mortgage related domain would have articles on it about mortgages. The sites will make money from the Google AdSense ads on them.
  • An iPhone app that you can use to guess somebody’s weight by snapping a photo of them. Women will hate this, which means it will be popular with guys.
  • A site that uses audio and video recognition to index the content of videos (like on youtube) in detail, so you can search for all sorts of odd things.
  • An iPhone app to play the License Plate Game, but instead of you manually checking off each state you find a plate for, you would snap a photo of it and the iPhone app would automatically detect which state it is from and give you credit in the game for it.
  • A site that lets people enter a song name and then see a list of songs that sound similar to it. Not like Pandora though, where it tries to find other songs you might like. This is just for curiosity’s sake, to see if any part of the song was copied.
  • A site that guesses where you are from, based on your accent.
  • A site where you upload your photo, and it automatically tells you how good looking you are (on a scale of 1 – 10). It would use a neural network to learn from sites like which types of people are considered pretty and which are not.
  • – I launched the site 10 years ago, and have always just made money from the banner ads. Soon I will be adding a premium section with extra features (mainly new games and activities) that users can pay for. I will probably charge a one time $4.95 to give users lifetime access to the premium section.
  • As I wrote in a previous posting, web hosting has always been a big headache for me. So, next month I am going to test out moving some of my sites to the much hyped “cloud hosting” (I am using as a test, although also looks good). I am not doing this for the scalability features (my sites always pretty much get the same amount of traffic each day), but mainly for the reliability and the fact that Cartika fully manages the servers for me, so as a result there should hardly be any downtime.

8 thoughts on “New Website Projects – September 2010

  1. John Humphrey

    Great work Eric! Some ambitious projects there. Sounds like you’ve got some heavy coding going on. I think that whoever figures out how to index video content automatically will make a fortune. Am interested to hear how your move to cloud hosting works out.

  2. PoorUncle

    That’s a lot of projects for one man to manage. Just a newbie dropping by to learn what the pros are doing. Good luck with your projects.

  3. T

    I really like the weight app 🙂 Just a thought but maybe you should look into the group buying websites craze going on, Maybe you have a name that can give you an edge on standing out in that crowd.

    1. admin

      Yes, I have some domains that would be good for a deal site type site, such as:

  4. David Cox

    “a new system I built that puts custom written content on each domain” Is this something that will be available to others?

    1. admin

      No, it is just for my own use. It is nothing that special though, I just don’t want to use a premade script that other webmasters use because my pages might be too similar to the pages the other webmasters make, and google might penalize for that.

  5. Eric King

    @ PoorUncle: It’s only one man but that one man is THE Eric Borgos, i’ve had the honour of writing for him (with alot of failures) and i know he can do anything he puts his mind to and would love to get an update on the iphone app and the site.

    1. admin

      I have not made any progress on any of those projects yet, other than I am working on moving some of my sites to the cloud.


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